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Established in 1994 to provide continuity for the business skills available from R I Symes, other members of his family and external consultants contracted to the trust. Over the past 40 years Richard has accumulated a wide range of business experience in senior financial and operational management positions in large corporations to creating and running his own direct marketing business for 18 years. During this period he was involved in extensive property development in both commercial and domestic building and in land development.

The Trust Today

The Trust is currently reorganising following the retirement of Richard from full time consultant to a more advisory position. The Trustee of the trust, Glenguna Pty Ltd, has appointed Peter Symes to its board on the resignation of Mrs Helen Symes. A number of consultants are available to the Trust for specific assignments. It is finalising a number of consultancies begun by R Symes but is embarking on new strategies as shown below. Our target market is the SME area of business where the owners and or directors require an outside opinion at reasonable cost and a hands-on approach and who can benefit from our wide range of international connections.

We seek business particularly from SMEs:

1. Where a knowledge of and action in overseas trade is involved

2. Corporate advisory in the areas of Marketing and Operational restructure,

3. Financial restructure of debt and maximisation of cash flow and

4. Representation to Governments.